July 14, 2024
København, Denmark
Hate Crimes

Two White People Torture and Kill a Black man in Denmark

Two far-right affiliated white men tortured and killed a black young man on an isolated island in Denmark in 30 June 2020. One of the two men had a swastika tattoo on his leg. But while indications are clear that the incident is a racist crime, the prosecutor insists it is not a hate crime […]

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Discrimination LGBTQ Sports Communities

Danish LGBTQ athletes shrug off discrimination within sports environment

Over the past decade, human rights violations, discrimination and civil inequality have spiked exponentially in Denmark. For foreigners and tourists, Copenhagen might have a reputation of being very LGBTQ friendly, but athletes, specifically, suffer unimaginable discrimination and bullying within the Danish community. Discrimination in the community reflects official prejudice and misleading media deliberately lashing and […]

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