June 22, 2024
København, Denmark

Denmark Uncensored Addresses FIFA World Cup on the Danish Racist Law and Violations

Denmark Uncensored have sent an open letter to the president of FIFA, Gianni Infantino, demanding that FIFA stand in support of the marginalized and vulnerable people affected by the Danish government’s racist laws.

Denmark Uncensored was established in 2020 by a group of Danish and expatriate human rights defenders and activists who are fed up with the Danish government’s racist policies targeting minorities and people of colour.

In the open letter, the organization stressed the extraordinary efforts the FIFA World Cup exerted in organizing the final matches in Qatar. It urged FIFA to use this opportunity to shed light on and recognize the dire conditions of refugees and people of colour in Denmark who suffer intolerable violations and abuses by the government.

The letter also briefly spotted light on various human rights violations against women, minorities, refugees and athletes in the country.

“Despite relentless efforts by the Danish government to deceive the public into believing it’s a haven of democracy and human rights, various human rights organizations and sports institutions reported numerous waves of abuse against all components of the community, mostly women, LGBT people, and even athletes.”

The letter also referred to other human rights organizations’ reports that slammed the Danish government for racist and abhorrent policies targeting minorities.

Finally, Denmark Uncensored urged FIFA-selected referees to “put on End Denmark Racism armbands during the matches of the FIFA World Cup 2022.”

Read the full letter here.

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