May 18, 2024
København, Denmark

Denmark’s Ghetto Package Increases the Sufferings Of Vulnerable Minorities

Ghetto Package

Denmark Ghetto Package is a strong tool used for provoking discrimination and inducement. These are merely feckless punitive policies made to strengthen the political structure.

Euro-Med Human right monitor released a statement today in which they shed light on the role of the Ghettoes package in society.

“The Danish Government must immediately and fully stop all measures taken against the areas labelled as “Ghettoes”.
The actions prominently include double punishment, eviction and over-policing.

After examining the standards of Ghetto list, in the recent reports, Euro-Med monitor concluded it as the “Disguised racism”.

Moreover, Euro med stated that after its formation in 2010 “Ghetto package” has been seen as more of a problem than a solution to human rights.

The ghetto package is inappropriate for its unsound and discriminatory criteria that only target individuals who belong to non-European ethnicities.

It is comprised of richly punitive and counterproductive policies which with the name “Ghetto list” only contribute to stirring up racial prejudice and fanaticism against unguarded minorities.

Euro med monitor made authorities aware that the Ghetto list with a set of punitive policies dispersing fear, distrust among the targeted groups.

The ghetto list is also violating human rights rules that fall under the European convention, the rights to non-discrimination, adequate housing and equality.

Denmark’s Ghetto package believes that the abundant existence of the non-White ethnicities is the main reason for all the social problems in such areas.

These problems can be the constant increase in the rate of poverty and crime with low educational attainment.
The Danish government seems to believe that the cleansing of underprivileged neighbourhoods of their non-white residents can be a solid solution to this problem.

This idea came on to the surface when Denmark’s interior and housing minister disclose plans which demand to reduce the number of individuals of non-western background in “Ghetto” areas to less than 30% by 2030.

Michela Pugliese migration researched at the Euro-Med monitor said “Denmark’s Ghetto laws are a basic exercise of scapegoating, populism and political expediency.

She further added, “Instead of addressing the root causes that lead to under education, unemployment and poverty among ethnic and national minorities, the Danish government seem to be busy to target already unprotected people for their social and economic benefit to find strength in political structure”.

Euro-Med monitor requested the Danish government to stop all discriminatory and punitive actions against the residents of Ghettoes areas.

They also ask for providing better opportunities to encourage the blending of migrants and their babies.
This way the Danish government will be able to give positive gestures for welcoming and embracing the perception of migrants in the country.

Since 2010, The Danish Government’s ministry of transport, building and housing has been consistently maintaining and improving an annual list of “Ghettoes” in the country.

The term “Ghetto” is used to mention unguarded public housing areas which are known for having the most social problems and contain the majority population of non-western Ethnicities.

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