April 21, 2024
København, Denmark
Asylum Seekers and Refugees

Denmark Leaves No Stone Unturned To Make Refugees Unsafe

Denmark Leaves No Stone Unturned To Make Refugees Unsafe

Denmark is the first European country to notify massive Syrian refugees that they must return home. In February 2019, around 400 Syrians from Damascus had their residency cards and ability to work cancelled.

A small percentage of those impacted have accepted the risk of going to Syria independently. Human rights groups have recently recorded mistreatment and mysterious deaths of returning refugees. There are hundreds of individuals leaving Denmark in search of refuge in other EU countries.

The Danish government has taken one of Europe’s extreme views on refugees and migrants in recent times. It supported its decision by claiming a fall in crime in Damascus and its surroundings. The action to withdraw residence permits is part of the European tendency in which governments take strict steps to limit access to asylum.

Advocacy groups and rights organizations are apprehensive about Denmark’s decision, approximately 11 years after the Syrian war. It is a preview about what is to return since more countries in Europe want to lower military confrontation when setting up their asylum laws. They don’t like continuing offences committed by the al-Assad government and the harm they cause.

Witnessing the rapid developments in Denmark, the German Institute for Democracy and Development hosted a conference with two Danish human rights. It advocates the addressal of refugee crisis and the humanitarian disaster there.

Sadly, there was a technical problem with the webinar’s video stream. Due to this reason, it stopped publishing it on the internet. But, the debate’s script has been changed and presented below.

Mrs Gyvel claimed, “we fail to recognize other humanitarian situations or migration, because of the COVID19 outbreak”. She emphasized that Denmark is now one of the earliest nations to implement the most challenging immigration policies. However, racism is quite common inside the state. She considers the situation is terrible.

She wants NGOs and the European Union to organize to improve Denmark’s condition. She also notes that many people in every Danish city are protesting. People are campaigning and making their voices heard in favour of refugees. But she believes this is insufficient. She is of the view that more significant and powerful voices are needed in Denmark to get the issue noticed.

On the other hand, Mrs Suzanne believes that this condition is intolerable. Due to this reason, she left Denmark after ten years. She is concerned by migrants’ challenges in obtaining a residency status. Despite spending ten years in Denmark, she could not achieve her desired peace.

She emphasized migrants’ terrible circumstances, especially the dilemma of migrant parents. Denmark has the authority to take custody of kids from migrant parents. In Denmark, immigrants suffer an extreme level of discrimination.

There are now schools with mainly international students and no Danes. Foreigners have difficulty providing for themselves. Many females have to sell their sexuality to live. Mrs Suzanne urges the European Union and the rest of the globe to join together to find the solutions to Denmark’s rising problems.

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