June 21, 2024
København, Denmark
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“Domestic Violence Against Women Skyrocketing In Denmark”

"Domestic Violence Against Women Skyrocketing In Denmark"

Sexual harassment against women in Denmark remains a significant concern. Gender-based harassment has distinct features and is frequently done by closely connected males. For females, it might even be life-threatening.

The biased character of gender-based violence is rarely acknowledged in national implementation plans. The terminologies like “violence in intimate relationships” and “partner violence” are not specified in Danish law. The terminologies make it more difficult to avoid violence towards women.

Gendered violence by a spouse is the most frequent murder in Denmark. Femicides are at an all-time high, whereas other forms of murders are declining.

Because of the isolation and loneliness, economic dependency on the attacker, confusion about laws, and lack of understanding about support options, violence towards refugee women, whose residency status in Denmark may be temporary, is intensified. The ladies are afraid to report the assault because they think that officials would not accept they have been victimised.
Domestic Violence Statistics
● Every year, it is believed that 33,000 females in Denmark are exposed to torture by their spouses.
● It is also expected that 33,000 children are exposed to violence in the home.
● Violence is a controversial issue in Denmark, and it is assumed that several people never disclose it. As a result, there may even be more targets of assault.
● Nearly 80% of all violent offenders were victims of domestic abuse as kids.
● In 2020, 2,294 women were kept in domestic violence shelters around the nation. The mothers carried several 2,157 kids.

According to the EIGE Gender Equality Index 2015, when individuals have more confidence in judicial systems, there is a greater level of revealed violence. According to estimates, 52 per cent of Danish women experience harassment, 19 per cent more than the EU average.

According to the European Institute for Gender Equality, the yearly cost of actual sexual crimes against women in Denmark might be as high as EUR 1.2 billion. This was computed using the methods employed in an EIGE research, which the Member States may duplicate, as Estonia did in 2016.

Denmark does not have special legislation prohibiting crimes against women. It has broad sections of the penal code include numerous types of violence towards women, mainly physical, sexually, mental, and financial assault.

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