April 23, 2024
København, Denmark
Asylum Seekers and Refugees

Denmark’s ‘Zero Asylum Seekers’ Policy Impacting Syrian Women

Zero Asylum Seekers

Nobody ventures out from home except if the home is the mouth of a shark. Tragically, Denmark has neglected to show the significance of these words.


In a recent move, Denmark has turned into the primary European country to disavow the residency grants of outcasts from the Syrian locales of Damascus and Rif Damascus. This move comes considering the recent declaration of these regions as ‘protected’ by the Danish government based on a report whose end has been condemned by eleven out of the twelve specialists engaged with drafting it.


Denmark’s migration serve, Mattias Tesfaye, stated that such repudiation is advocated as the public authority had made it adequately obvious to the evacuees that the home licenses allowed to them were transitory and dependent upon the requirement for insurance.


Truth be told, Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen recently announced her obligation to the arrangement of making Denmark a country with ‘zero shelter searchers’.


Viewing the Violation of Human Rights Through a Gendered Lens


However, statistics show that while male outcasts are allowed the ‘show status’, which is the most grounded kind of security for displaced people, ladies are bound to be given the more fragile ‘transitory assurance status’.


Additionally, to a great extent, the new strategy absolves Syrian men as the Danish specialists perceive that male evacuees face the risk of being drafted into the Syrian military or rebuffed for getting away from induction, assuming they are localized.


An EU Directive expressly requires the Member States like Denmark to perceive how ladies are frequently casualties of multiple discrimination and endeavour to go to lengths to advance orientation equity.


Denmark does not recognize the Assad system right now governing Syria and, along these lines, doesn’t have a bringing home game plan set up with Syria. Hence, Syrian outcasts can’t be compelled to return to Syria if they don’t willfully leave.


Article 33(1) of the Refugee Convention likewise incorporates cases of constructive refoulement, which happens when a signatory state involves circuitous techniques to compel evacuees to get back to a nation where they would be exposed to genuine infringement of their basic liberties.


By putting the ladies displaced people in such focus and boosting them to leave utilizing cash, Denmark is plainly abusing this rule and hence, is in the break of the 1951 show. Also, the UNHCR Handbook for the Protection of Women and Girls stresses the significance of aiding ladies evacuees to settle on an educated decision regarding their bringing home.


The Ground Situation in Syria


Rather than advancing the security of ladies outcasts, Denmark is effectively focusing on evacuee ladies and deliberately ignoring the demonstrations of brutality they should look for in Syria. Likewise, there is the issue of scant assets like water and power and the sky-soaring food prices, which will hit the outcasts when they return.


A few ladies are compelled to present their bodies to attack in return for essential conveniences. These outcasts’ unique homes have either been demolished or annihilated in the conflict. There is no property compensation framework in place in Syria to remunerate these individuals for obliterating their homes.


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